Modern slavery statement

Octopus Energy is passionate about creating a business which people want to be part of, as both customers and employees.

Within our current product portfolio of procuring and supplying gas and electricity and associated services to residential and business customers, we believe the risk of encountering modern slavery or trafficking through our own operation or those of our suppliers is low.

Nonetheless, we find the idea that people are forced into work against their will or best interest, abhorrent. We recruit brilliant people, we pay them fairly and we treat them, and their lives with respect, and we are methodical about ensuring that our suppliers and partners do the same.

We carefully select partners and suppliers to work with on a number of factors including their integral reputation within their industry. Our onboarding process is clear on our business and personal principles, and we have started to bring in contractual provisions reflecting their responsibilities to minimise their risk of slavery and human trafficking.

We are also not afraid to let our principles override our commercial drivers - if we don't believe a supplier or partner would work as we would expect, then we will not work with them.

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